Life back east

When I was growing up I lived on the east coast.

I easily loved life there, but everything was perfect as well as the people as well as food were great too.

I moved away when I became an adult due to supplier reasons for my job! However, I will say I miss it undoubtedly much. But the only thing I don’t miss is the undoubtedly cold winters as well as the ultra high heating bills that came with it! At least where I live now I do not use a lot of energy in the Winter to heat my home; Sure, sometimes I have to crank my central heating system! As I have to crank my central air conditioner plan sometimes in the summer time weeks of the year. But nothing even close to the way I had to crank the central heating back when I was a young adult living on the east coast in the winter! The hot as well as cold temperatures would get so cold that sometimes the central heating didn’t even seem love enough. I remember at times running my portable space gas furnace along with the central heating plan because it was so darn cold back there! The summer time weeks were usually great. I loved going to the beach as well as enjoying the central air conditioner after words in my home, however the humidity got exhausting at times, however it was not an every day thing, but just maybe 1 month each month throughout the summer. It was not that exhausting at all, and maybe someday I will transport back there. But if I do, I will have to figure out a way around the large heating bills!
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