Life is better with no air conditioning

I’ve been trying to keep my hands off that darn thermostat.  However, with this terribly sizzling weather, it has been very difficult to do so.  I realize, of course, that if I continue to adjust the thermostat lower for cooler air, I will have difficulty paying for my electric bill in a week.  I guess that most people are in the same boat as I am, but I don’t have to pay their bills. Nor do I worry about their cooling system usage. It is the cost of running my cooling system that I’m distraught about.  I live alone, so in the past, I had been turning off the cooling system. However, I’ve stopped that practice, since I read that it takes longer to cool all the furniture down. Instead, I raise the thermostat a few degrees so the cooling system will not come on as often.  It only takes a few hours to cool the house down again at the end of the day, once I lower the temperature at the thermostat. Of course, to help with the energy use, I keep all the blinds closed, eliminating that sunshine. That immense window absolutely does come in handy in the Wintertime, though, I don’t have to use the gas furnace as much on sunny nights.  However, this is the middle of Summer, plus my cooling system is not sending as much cold air out through my house as I’d like. So I’m staying in front of the fan, underneath the cooling system vents. I’m hoping that some cooling system is better than no cooling system.