Life on the farm

I grew up in a farmhouse far away from the city and I have so many great memories growing up. When I finally went to college when I turned eighteen, I had no choice but to go to school in the big city. I really wasn’t looking forward to having to live in packed dorm rooms, but I needed to get my college diploma. The next four years of school were miserable to put it mildly. I deeply missed the farm that I grew up on for many reasons. One of the main reasons being the radiant heated floors in each section of the house. I grew up in the deep north, and there was no better feeling then getting home from a cold day of playing in the snow and warming up on the floors while enjoying a nice cup of hot cider. Now that I am graduated however, I am on the hunt for a farmhouse for my own. I wish that my parents would have told me how much a pain this is! Little did I know that our farm house was much more new than all of the other ones on the market. Most of the ones I ended up finding were only equipped with an old school fireplace with a chimney. Other than that, there was no other way of staying warm in the winter. With the luck I am having searching for a home to buy, perhaps my parents will let me buy the farm off of them, or let me be their full time roommate!

heated floors