Line by Line

My husband works for the local county government but not in an office or anything like that.  He is a certified electrician by trade so we works for the building maintenance department. His job is make sure that any electrical issues are resolved and that includes maintaining the HVAC system.  It is fully electric and is monitored in a control room located in the basement of the town hall. At least they have invested in a programmable system that can be monitored from one central location. Even if the heat shuts off at a building across town, an alarm in the main room will let him know that there is a problem.  He can then run tests from his location and seldom had to travel to the actual site. He can adjust the temperature in each location from there too. He simply has to reprogram the computer to change the settings. These type of automated systems work great for the most part. When they do have a serious problem, he must spend hours tracing it down, sometimes by individual circuits, to find the problem and fix it.  He gets frustrated at times, but always solves the problem in the end. He does depend on the knowledge of local HVAC dealers too at times and they are very helpful. They contracted with them when the system was first designed, so there are no individual charges to utilize these services and it is always helpful to be in contact with the professionals that know the system inside and out. My husband is very good at his job and understands the electrical parts of the system, but some of the programing can be difficult to figure out.

HVAC maintenance