Living in a camper is NOTHING like camping!

My fiance and myself own this camper that has served well beyond its intended purpose! We love going camping in it, and all of us thought about selling it a little while back.

Circumstances considered, I’m so glad we didn’t! Two months ago, our home burned down along with four other homes due to a freak accident involving a gas main.

While nobody was hurt by some miracle, we all lost our homes. While we’re rebuilding our home several miles away from the old neighborhood, I am so happy knowing that the house will be ready this year! The only thing that can really get old for living out of the camper is how unfit the thing is for everyday life. Don’t get me wrong – I’m very thankful for it, as we’d have literally no place else to go otherwise! The camper does not stay cool easily though, due to the reduced insulation. Since the camper works well enough, we make due – but the air conditioning system should not be used each and every day! Not the way we have, at least. We usually have to turn off the cooling system if I want to use the dryer or our little oven to make dinner for us. It is absolutely a pain in the neck! The camper can get pretty hot pretty fast, too. That being said, it’s just insane seeing how fast it can warm up in there! Half an hour will pass, and by then this camper is so stuffy and hot that you could cook on the countertop itself. I do not use the oven very often, as it heats up the camper just by running for longer than ten minutes! I just can’t wait to be in a house, and put these problems behind us for good.
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