Living in a double wide

I remember way back when, and how I once rented an apartment. While it was the first and only place I had rented for a while it was paradise – as it was all I knew! With a little time, a few moves, and some experience, I realized that renting was always a bad investment. When you rent, you never get anything in the long term. The place doesn’t simply become yours after you live there for years, and you could be moved out at any time by the property management. How can you put down roots with such a living situation? Instead of waiting to buy a big house, I pushed to invest in a trailer instead as my home. It has cable, WIFI, a killer Heating and A/C system, and everything I need to make a condo my own home! In fact, the air conditioner I have here, as well as the furnace, would be better utilized inside a full sized home; Both of them take up a whole lot of space, and deliver much more intense levels of temperature control than I need for my humble double wide! What was the previous owner thinking? Loading this place up with such ridiculously oversized Heating and A/C equipment was a foolish move, as these pieces of equipment are entirely too bulky and get in my way all the time. Also, I have to run them carefully or else the heating or cooling levels get out of hand within an hour. Maybe I can sell off these high end Heating and A/C models, turn around and buy smaller pieces of component for my trailer?