Living in the dorms where heat rises-needed cooling all year

Living in the dorms freshman year of college was horrible. I got stuck on the third floor and was hot the whole year. The simple reason is that heat rises and the HVAC was located on the first floor. In the summer the air conditioner would be set quite low. The cooling would be mainly on the first floor and sort of cool the second. Us on the third floor just had to suffer. All the heat got pushed upwards and it felt like a hot box. The college windows don’t open more than a crack too. My roommate and I both had to smuggle in portable air conditioners for the space. Anytime room checks happened, we hid the cooling units since they were not allowed. The heating was probably worse in the winter though. The girls on the first floor complained about how cold they were. The thermostat was then increased and more heating was produced. The heat rose right up the the third floor again. It would be around 80 degrees on our floor, 73 on the second and the first floor would be like 60 degrees. So still, my roommate and I ran portable air conditioners to combat the heat. After a year of being way too hot, I moved out of the dorms. Living in an apartment and being on the same floor as the HVAC is a game changer. I actually can be the right temperature for once. I don’t need my portable AC anymore or have to listen to other people complain about thermostat settings.