Living on the beach still has its challenges

I feel like the grass is always greener on the other side, and ignorance always helps to.

  • Most people dream of a beachside property.

My friends in other landlocked states consider our house to be a paradise. They regularly see the photos of the beach with the sand the palm trees on Instagram as well as they suppose of films as well as postcards that they have seen interest shops. They suppose I practically live in heaven. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, I like living near the beach, there’s no doubt about it: I like being able to dip our toes into the ocean as well as pausing and looking out as well as hearing nothing however waves. But what the Instagram pictures do not show is how incredibly hot it is in the summer time around here. It’s taxing to go out as well as savor the waves when there regularly is a heat index of over 125 as well as the sand is tepid hot. Not to mention the ongoing cost of running the air conditioner consistently to keep the house feel perfectly comfortable. This is an absolute must however then I always must budget to make sure that I can spend money for our upcoming electric bill every week. Periodically this means making some tough decisions and going without some of the pricey foods or items I might need or want. So no, I assure you it’s not consistently glamorous living on the beach all year round. Periodically I wish I could just go back to the Frosty mornings of shoveling our driveway as well as snow. But then, I guess you consistently have the costs of running your furnace all Winter long too.


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