Living the Good Life With New HVAC

Is there anyone, other than monks and the like, who does not want to live the good life? Most people, especially in our country where we have so much and so many opportunities, want to experience life and all that we think makes it good. The differences lie in what exactly we think determines the good life. Personally, I think the good life would include not having to work every single day of my life. I am really looking forward to retirement even though I know I won’t have very much money. Other folks may not mind working as long as they make a lot of money to buy expensive things. Some people may think that a good life means they have the ability to help others. No matter what our idea of the good life, we all pretty much want to have air conditioning while we are living it. A good life does not include being hot and sweaty all the time. Someone who has never owned a/c might think the good life includes a simple window a/c. Folks who have already owned a window a/c and find it inefficient and loud would think the good life includes central heating and cooling. I have central heating and cooling my whole life, so what I want is HVAC with zone control. My brother has HVAC with zone control in his house and it is awesome. It always seems to be the perfect temperature in his house. I love visiting him!

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