Lizards in the air conditioner –

My boyfriend and I recently moved down south. We’ve rented a small house is very nice and quiet neighborhood. We absolutely love it here. It’s been a big change from where we both grew up in the northeast. We certainly don’t miss the sub zero temperatures, vicious wind chill or six months of snowfall. We were thrilled to leave behind the expense of running a furnace at maximum capacity throughout the winter. In our new area, we are able to get along with a heat pump, which combines heating and cooling. The unit sits outside, completely exposed to the weather. There’s certainly no worry about damage caused by snow, ice or freezing temperatures. However, we make sure to keep the component cleared of debris, such as leaves and branches. We’ve noticed that there are an abundance of lizards in our lawns and gardens. The lizards have no problem entering the heat pump.  They not only crawl all over it, but they go right inside the component. We’ve mentioned this to the landlord, but he didn’t seem concerned. We’re wondering if the lizards are simply using the heat pump as a pathway to a destination, or are they inside chewing on things, building nests, or defecating. We’re a bit worried they they’re impacting the performance of the heat pump. We don’t want to pay higher electric bills or breathe contaminated air because of the lizards. We’ve tried setting up screens to keep them out, but the lizards are really determined. While the lizards seem harmless enough, we had severe issues with ice in our furnace up north. They caused a tremendous amount of expense.

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