Local HVAC store

I recently started working at a local paint store. Really, most people would think that working in a store that sells nothing but paint would be a horrible and very boring job. However, it is not as boring as you may think. And that goes for both the good and the bad. On the good side of things, you get to meet a lot of different people. From the normal homeowner wanting to do a DYI paint job, to the professionals who buy bulk amounts of paint for the jobs they have to do. I recently had a very interesting one come through. It was a painter professional and he was telling me about a job he recently did where the customer’s house had the worst heating and cooling system, as well as the worst air quality. He was describing how the indoor air quality in this home he was painting made both him and the workers sick when they left! After he told me about this, I was giving him some ideas on what to suggest to those customers when he goes back next week to finish the job. I had told him to suggest to them calling their local heating and cooling company to inquire about an air purification system, for one. Another idea was to have their HVAC ducts cleaned and serviced, as the heating and cooling system air ducts can get pretty dirty and cause the bad air quality. Then of course, there’s replacing the entire heating and cooling system all together. The professional painter took my advice and will be mentioning it to them when he goes back.

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