Locking sister out of the thermostat

My sister was recently forced to move in with me for a little while. She says it will be a little while, but I suppose time will tell how long she stays before I have to eject her from my apartment. I really didn’t want to let her move in at all, my my mom called me and pressured me to say yes. I couldn’t just let me sister live in her car, could I? Between you and me, I really did debate letting her live in her car, because we have never really gotten along. Within one night of living here, she was already complaining about my air conditioning. I knew she would, of course, she had always been very sensitive to A/C and cold air. When we shared a bedroom as kids, she would always close off the air vents in our room to keep the cooling air from getting in, and I always hated it. Things were going to be different this time, because it was my house and my HVAC system so I had the final say. The next day I noticed my place was a little warm, and found that she had adjusted the thermostat without asking. I decided to set a password on it, because it’s a smart thermostat and has those sort of security functions. Now she had no way to access the climate control system! Just to stick it to her and make her a little less comfortable I turned the AC down a few extra degrees before I locked down the thermostat.

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