Long days on the road, long nights without A/C

My job requires constant travel. I loved it when I first started working, as the company I worked for would pay to put me in cozy hotels all around the country. Now, however, the novelty has worn off since the company has run into some financial constraints. The hotels I end up staying at are still being paid for by my employer, so I can’t complain too much, right? Well, I learned pretty quickly that there was definitely room for complaining with some of these places. One hotel I stayed at really stuck with me for one simple reason: no air conditioning. Literally nothing – not a room air conditioner, not a window-mounted A/C unit, not central A/C or even a ceiling fan! I was in awe, especially since the temperatures around the region get up to the high nineties over the summer on a daily basis. I was convinced that my room was just under construction or something, so I went down to the front desk. Much to my surprise, there was no air conditioning system in any room – just the front desk and lobby had access to air conditioning! How ridiculous is that? I knew I couldn’t find another place in town, so I had to tough it out. With the sliding patio door wide open, I tried to sleep despite the room being over eighty degrees – and having no air circulation at all. I spent more time sweating into my sheets than I did sleeping! It was an awful weekend for sure, and a strong reminder for why I will always call the hotel first before making reservations.