Long run and cooling is the reward

I get easily overheated in the summer.  I’ve started on a new workout program that adds to that problem.  I now run outside everyday, trying to get in better shape. I find myself dripping sweat by the end of the run. I get totally overheated and exhausted.  People wonder why I don’t go to the gym. I prefer the fresh air. I also get bored on a treadmill. I’d need to pay to run on a treadmill. I like that I can run outside for free. Enjoying an air conditioned gym would be nice. A temperature controlled environment might encourage me to run longer.  But, I’ve chosen to save money plus and take advantage of fresh air at the same time. After a long run in the summer heat, it feels great to enter my cool house. In order to keep my home perfectly comfortable, I’ve invested into an energy efficient central cooling system. Window air conditioners weren’t sufficient. These might be great for cooling single rooms, but it’s important to me  to keep the whole house comfortable and cool. In the summer, the temperature often climbs into the high eighties and the humidity is brutal. After a long run, feeling the affects of the A/C unit is pure heaven. It’s the reason I sprint for the last mile. I’m in a rush to get to my water bottle and my air conditioner. Stepping inside the cool home is my reward for the workout. It allows me to cool down, refresh and have energy throughout the day. I sleep better at night, my home stays cleaner and healthier.

central air conditioning