Looking after the heating & cooling system of elderly neighbors

My husband and I live next door to an elderly couple named Ted and Hazel.

They are extremely nice and generous people.

We try to help them out whenever we can. My husband often mows their lawn and shovel their driveway. I weed the garden, wash their windows and drive Hazel to the store. We worry about them when the weather in our area is severe. During the winter, it’s not unusual for temperatures to drop into the negative digits. In the summer, the temperature climbs into the high eighties and the humidity is downright brutal. We frequently check in with John and Hazel to make sure their furnace and air conditioner are running properly. I take it upon myself to schedule preventative maintenance for their heating system in the fall and for the cooling system in the summer. It makes me feel better to have a professional technician troubleshoot, clean and adjust the equipment. The technician verifies that everything is running safely and efficiently. Our biggest concern is sudden power outages. Power failures are a frequent occurrence in our local area. High winds tend to knock down tree branches and electric lines and leave us without power for a few hours or even several days. My husband and I have a standby generator, which allows us to continue to run the heating and cooling system. Ted and Hazel are left without temperature control, lights, running water and all the modern conveniences. Trying to convince them to come to our house is nearly impossible. They are worried they will impose on us.



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