Looking over the a/c unit

When tornado season arrives, everything living in our mobile home park becomes afraid. Every one of us have lived through several by residing in the Midwest. I have seen my share of destroyed buildings & houses. Nothing is quite like the disfigurement tornadoes do to mobile home parks. Tornadoes rip them right to pieces. When I bought my trailer last year, I suspected there would come a time when I might have to face such an ordeal! Last month the lot of us did. Luckily, our park group is a tight group since the lot of us all are in the same predicament. One of the other residents, found us refuge with her relatives at their complex while a Category 5 tornado was in the area. Every one of us all brought along our share of food & water to promote great standing with the other residents who came with us. Other than worrying if the lot of us were going to find our homes in shambles when the lot of us returned, the lot of us had nothing to fear in the least. That was until the first evening when the lot of us realized the Heating & A/C device of this complex wasn’t working. Nobody staying there had any particular expertise of a/c devices, other than myself! And I only knew what I had learned from watching my father repair our HVAC devices when I was a kid. Although the winds were revving up, the the tornado wasn’t entirely upon us when I ventured outside to investigate the a/c device. I brought the box of tools the renter provided & I used them to unscrew the panel & look inside. Luckily, for our sake, it was merely a bunch of leaves & branches that had become stuck in the numerous fans of the a/c system. It turned on instantly as I cleared them away.

a/c unit