Looking to get a smart thermostat for the household

Whenever our dishwasher kicks on it messes with our temperature control unit.

If the cooling device is on when the dishwasher is turned on then it will run until the dishwasher turns back off.

If the furnace is on when the dishwasher is turned on then the furnace will not turn on again until the dishwasher is entirely done. It is totally aggravating & the rest of the household typically gets super chilly during those 2 hours while the dishwasher is operating. I guess that the complication lies in the temperature control unit. You see, our temperature control unit is hardwired into the wall just above the counter where the dishwasher sits. That basically means that the temperature control unit feels the heat from the dishwasher all of the time. I don’t really know who designed this household but I can only imagine that the Heating & Air Conditioning device was installed long before a dishwasher was ever put in. Judging by the discoloration of the temperature control unit, this temperature control unit is about as old as the household. The dishwasher, on the other hand, was not invented yet back when this household was being built. I have finally made the decision that enough is enough & it is time to transport our Heating & Air Conditioning device into the 21st century. I am going to have a Heating & Air Conditioning company install a smart temperature control unit in our household. Then, the two of us can transport the temperature control unit wherever the two of us want it to be. I guarantee you, it will not be over the dishwasher. Besides, with the smart temperature control units you can program them to keep the room you are in entirely comfortable… Some even come with small sensors for each room so you can decide how comfortable each room ought to be.

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