Losing power but not a/c

I have a portable butane stove for just such possibilities to cook my meals

Sometimes, it’s self-explanatory for myself and others to forget how much I rely on a/c to get a great night’s rest, and however, leave it to some problem or another that prevents myself and others from using my a/c to remind myself and others all over again how sparse it is to me! In my area, way down south, there are more than one kinds of weather that are synonymous with summer: blazing heat as well as excessive humidity as well as morning as well as night thunderstorms, however there are spans of time throughout the Summer where there is at least 1 thunderstorm in the morning or early night, and last week, 1 storm in particular that was rather violent as well as had a lot of lightning striking around city managed to take out a transformer near my home… Apparently, it happened just a few minutes before I pulled into my driveway, and in fact, I think I remember hearing a particularly loud lightning strike that easily was the 1 that did the transformer in. In any case, when I walked through my front door, the residual coolness from the a/c left the home still somewhat comfortable. This did not last, as well as before long, my home was quite hot, however some other aspects of a power outage are no big deal to me. I have a portable butane stove for just such possibilities to cook my meals. I also use them as an chance to catch up on reading by candlelight. However, I simply could not sleep that night because of the heat as well as humidity in my room, but power returned that morning, before I came back from work, however even 1 poor night’s rest means a miserable next morning!

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