Losing power means losing your furnace

I hope that you have never had your furnace stop working, but if you have, you probably realized that it honestly isn’t terrible to have a broken furnace if you have a backup. In my family, I have electric space heaters that I can plug in whenever my furnace stops working. Since I have an old furnace in an old house, I definitely considered it worth the investment to purchase a few good space heaters. But last week, I learned the hard truth about relying on electricity for heat. Last week, my power went out. We had a terrible ice storm in my area, and the result was that the power went out. Now, most of the time, they get the power back on in our area after a few hours, but not this time. With no power, I realized that we also had no furnace. Unfortunately, this meant that we also could no longer use our space heaters. I figured that we could probably survive one night without a furnace or space heater. It wasn’t below freezing, so we weren’t worried about our pipes freezing or anything like that. However, as two more days passed, I noticed that we were starting to get sick because we had no furnace or hot water heater. Something had to be done to provide some sort of heat. I decided to drive to a local hardware store and purchase a propane space heater. This small heater could heat up the first floor of my house in an emergency, and it honestly wasn’t that expensive to use. Though it left a smell and could catch something on fire, it sure was better than having no heating system at all. I was glad when the power came on and our furnace started running again.
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