Losing that good HVAC device

I broke up with my wifey of multiple years about a week ago. It was absolutely hard for both of us, but I know that in the end it will be a good thing. I recently have been missing him a lot more than I did in the start and I wish I could just be his friend. However, I guess this is not what he wants. He wants to get back together with myself and others and I guess that seeing him again would just be a selfish choice. Last week, I had to call him because the filter on my cooling system needed to be changed and he was the 1 that used to do that for me. I knew that I could change my own cooling system filter, but I was hoping he could just explain how to do it over the iphone. Well he took this as his opportunity to get back together and provided to come over, change the cooling system filter and even inspect my HVAC device to make sure everything was finally working respectfully. I knew that if he came over he would expect for us to be together again, but I guess better than that… For now I am going to learn how to change my cooling system filter by myself and just have my local HVAC corporation come over to inspect my machine. I hope that his feelings won’t be hurt, but I have to make the best option for myself and others right now! I hope he can just understand my decision and not get upset.

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