Love my audiobooks

I absolutely enjoy listening to audio books. Of course, when listening to the books, I have to have the perfect climate control settings. I’m thankful that at my place of work, they keep the A/C going strong so it’s easy to focus on my work and I can also listen to my audiobooks which is a real plus. Honestly, it’s the main reason I enjoy working at the place. If they didn’t have that A/C blasting the way I like it, I probably would go work someplace else that knew how to keep their employees satisfied with excellent climate control. I even like to listen to audiobooks when I am working out. I’ll be running at the treadmill at the gym while listening to a great book. I always try to get a treadmill that is near an air vent so the cooling air is blowing straight at me. I feel like I could run for hours listening to my audiobooks with that relaxing A/C. It’s nice when I just am so in tune with the book, that I feel like I’m there. Oftentimes, I forget that I am at work or that I am working out and the time just flies by. Before I know it, it’s time to go home from work or from the gym and this is another reason why I love audiobooks so much. There’s honestly no better way to pass time and with multitasking! It’s really cool that I can actually do all my work without thinking too much about it. So I basically go on autopilot, enjoy my stories and then I get paid!

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