Love our portable a/c unit

In the section where I live, a whole condo cooling system isn’t necessary.  We have approximately six months of Winter weather, & our Summer season is officially brief.  While the outside temperature sometimes climbs into the eighties & the humidity is brutal, I manage with open windows & a few box fans most of the day.  At night, I rely on a portable cooling system installed in our family room. During the winter, the cooling system is stored up in the attic. As soon as the snow melts, I carry it downstairs.  Fortunately, the cooling component is compact, lightweight, & simple to install. I simply set it into the window frame & plug it in. I wash the air filter, & then it’s ready to run. Despite the small size, the cooling system suddenly cools down the family room & maintains perfect comfort.  I can easily make adjustments to temperature & fan speed from a cordless remote, separate from ever getting out of bed. While the cooling system isn’t overly loud, the operational sound effectively drowns out the noise of traffic, neighbors, dogs & birds. I undoubtedly sleep much better the with cooling system running.  It effectively circulates & filters the air, keeping the indoor environment fresh & clean. I leave the cooling system in the window far longer than necessary for sure. Even when fall has arrived & the outside temperature is downright chilly, I keep running the cooling system. I enjoy it so much that I’m just reluctant to carry it back up into the attic.  I’m never ecstatic when it’s time to shut all the windows & hit up the gas furnace again.

window cooling