Lyft driver needs AC

Ever since I learned how to drive, I have been the guy who gives rides. In high school, I was the one who drove my friends to school, and on weekends I would drive us all out to the parties and such. In college, I was in charge of road trips, and when everyone wanted to head to the beach, they knew who to call. Now as an adult, I find myself driving for a living, formerly as a cab driver, and now I am an independent contractor for Lyft. When it is personal, I am the king of my car and the thermostat gets set wherever I want to be set. As a professional, I understand that the comfort of my passengers is of the most importance, and I set the thermostat where they want it set. Climate control in the car is here to make the drive more pleasurable, and my goal is to give them the most comfortable ride they have ever had. Without air conditioning, my passengers get sweaty and grumpy, which causes them to give me bad reviews regardless of my skill as a driver. Driving is only half the battle, giving them perfect climate control and temperature control is just as important as safe driving. A few months ago I went so far as to have the HVAC system in my car completely replaced, even though it was very expensive. I saw the upgrading of the AC system as an investment into myself, my car, and more than anything my future as a professional driver.

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