Maintaining my gas furnace

Summer means firing up the grill and long swims in the pool. While you may have care and maintenance for your home A/C on your mind, it’s important not to forget your home heating system.The summer months are the perfect time to contact your local HVAC service provider for care and maintenance for your gas furnace. Your furnace should be fully inspected and cared for by a professional at least every other year, and doing it in the summer means you have plenty of time to fix any major problems should anything arise. Fall can become sporadically short in many parts of the country; waiting till this time of year can run the risk of a surprise winter storm without a fully functioning heater. While you’re changing the filters for your HVAC system as needed, be sure to also inspect the chimney of your house. Even if you don’t use your fireplace often, your local wildlife might, and any animals in residence could spell problems for heating your home this winter. Be sure to check for any obstructions as well as remove soot build up, as this is a fire hazard. The furnace blower also needs to be oiled at least once a year, and should not be making any noise when it’s started. Be sure to take the time to clean and care for all parts of your home heating system. Dust and debris in any part of the system can cause major headaches later down the road by getting into the fine inner workings of the furnace, wearing down the parts and even destroying the whole system. A little TLC for your gas furnace this summer is all it takes to insure a safe and warm winter.

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