Maintaining our cooling unit

If I’m being honest, I love the cooler fall temperatures; I love when the gentle breeze feels just brisk enough to be comfortable in a light sweater. I love being able to walk around in jeans & a sweatshirt, and highly unfortunately, I live in an area that rarely sees cool fall temperatures. It’s the very first afternoon of October, & it’s 88 degrees outside right now. I was hoping for a cool and relieving afternoon, because I have to put up some Halloween decorations; Rather than a nice, cool October afternoon, I am stuck with an awful humid afternoon that feels care about the usual summer. If it wasn’t for our A/C unit, living here would be unbearable. It feels care about normal summer, from the start of April until the end of October. I respectfully have the A/C unit fully repaired, because the two of us have to use it so frequently. Most people with a high tech central A/C system, only use it several or more than four months out of the year, perhaps. My family & I have the central A/C plan running for well over 10 months out of the year. It causes a good deal of stress on the A/C, so that means correct repair is the key, however when our family & I had to totally substitute our A/C plan a few years ago, the two of us signed up for an annual A/C repair program after that, for the same price as a stressed repair call, the two of us receive a 17-point inspection of our entire A/C program, so that the people I was with and I also receive a single repair call at no charge, that means even if the time is after hours, and our A/C unit still runs just perfectly, & it did when the two of us purchased the plan 2 years ago.

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