Major issue going on

My friend had a major issue going on in her condo with her air conditioner plus gas furnace. The other problem with that was the fact that our friend had entirely  little to no extra money to be able to afford heating plus air conditioner service or tune up service. Since I am a good friend plus had a few bucks I could spare, I provided to help our friend pay for her heating plus cooling idea repair. It should not be that fancy I would not think. It isn’t as if our friend is going to be asking for heating plus cooling zone control or something wild care about that. I myself just had radiant radiant heated floors installed in our condo last year, plus that cost a whole ton, however getting air conditioner or heating service would not be that much. So, all of us called the local heating plus air conditioner supplier to come out plus see what the problem was. And of course, i was right in terms of the cost. It was a little steep, however not too fancy at all. It turned out that the air conditioner plus heating idea had somehow detached itself from the thermostat. So it was pretty much a quick fix all together. The heating plus cooling supplier billed me for the heating plus air conditioner service at our request. The bill was only 90 dollars plus some change. With it being so cheap, our friend said she could afford it, although I still paid the bill out of friendship. Now, hopefully our own heating plus air conditioner don’t chop anytime soon!

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