Making friends around the world

One of my favorite things about the modern world we live in today is the ability to connect with people from all over. Through my work in publishing, I have made connections and close friendships from all around the world. It’s fascinating the many culture differences that exist worldwide that we often never think of. For example, I have a friend in Russia who has so much in common with me. We like the same music and tv shows and we both even suffer from the same obnoxious medical problems. Then while our accents are very different and our country’s are worlds apart, we also have almost the same HVAC system. Since I live in the north of the US, I deal with winter for almost eight months out of the year. My apartment has a gas boiler that keeps us warm year round. All the way in Russia, my friend also has a gas boiler and she loves it. The only trick of it is the gas boiler can have issues with hard water, so we both have to clean our boilers of limescale pretty often. Neither of us call an HVAC technician to do it either; we both just use some vinegar to descale it and call it a day. Gas is an inexpensive form of heating there as well as here, so its a smart choice. I never thought we would have so much in common; you just tend to think that things must be so much different on the other side of the world.

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