Making my home better

We’re putting our new home up on the market next month. Since we’re doing some late repairs and renovations, you could imagine that we’re cleaning house before we get it appraised. After replacing half a dozen appliances and pieces of equipment around our place, I can confidently say we’ve completely updated everything on our to-do list! Now all we have to do is disinfect and scrub up the house, and… oh, right. The Heating and A/C system. Well, I guess we’ve saved the most costly of renovations for last. We might get lucky though, since it could be up to par per a professional’s approval. If that’s the case, we might not have to completely update the whole system! Hence us calling in an HVAC technician to supply us with a proper evaluation. After the Heating and A/C professional arrived, his initial findings left us a bit discouraged – lots of dust in the vents, and an outdoor compressor with rust damage. Alas, after a thorough analysis of the entire Heating and A/C system, he had only recommended a duct cleaning and some repairs to the outdoor compressor. He’d mentioned that he could get both tasks addressed within a few hours, and it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg since he already knew what he needed to fix these issues. The entire experience was far more pleasant than either of us expected, and knowing we were one step closer to putting our new home on the market was a sweet victory for us! With all of the renovations complete, we’ve just got to hope for a high estimate in the new home appraisal!

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