Making sure HVAC system in new home is working properly

My husband was eager for us to purchase a home of our own.

I was a bit more cautious.

as I am always the one who is more careful about our purchases. I was fine with renting an apartment. I liked having a landlord to take care of all the upkeep and responsibilities. My opinion changed when we began having some heating troubles in the apartment. Although I am always the first one to complain about feeling chilly, even my husband was unhappy about the indoor temperature. We finally decided to contact the building supervisor and asked to have someone take a look at our furnace. The maintenance guy evaluated the system, and said that there was nothing wrong with it. My husband and I weren’t sure how to proceed. No matter how high we adjusted the thermostat, the apartment was still uncomfortably cold. This constant problem inspired me to look for a home of our own. We found the perfect house within a couple of months. This property met all of our criteria and was within our price range. My husband and I were so happy to move in. The first night in our new house was wonderful. We had no concerns with the heating system. Although it was still winter and the outside temperature was down to 22 degrees, we were warm and cozy all night long. One of the priorities we had looked for when searching for a house was a well-functioning Heating plus A/C system. Along with a home inspection, we hired an HVAC contractor to evaluate the heating and cooling equipment. We wanted to be sure everything was operating safely, efficiently and reliably. We plan to take very good care of the HVAC system. We have enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan that includes two service calls per year.
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