Making sure my furnace is ready for the winter:

The fullness of winter is almost here. For me, that means getting a lot of things in place before the season is in full swing and some of the necessities will be harder to come by. In one regard, during an extreme weather event, the roads may become harder to travel by, thus making what is necessary harder to acquire. On the other hand, because people may have a greater demand for certain things at the peak of the season, some of the things I need may be harder to get as time goes. For this reason, I find getting everything I need before the dead of winter a top priority. I am just as prepared when it comes to my oil furnace. My oil furnace is on the older side, so making sure it is ready for the Winter months is one of the very first things I do once colder weather starts arriving. For this, the very first thing I do is have an HVAC specialist ensure that my furnace is operating well-enough. After having the service technician inspect all the furnace components, including even the ductwork, I ensure that he has done everything possible to tune-up my system. Once he is done, I stock up on all the air filters I will need through the season. I then go ahead and buy all the oil my oil furnace will need for the winter as well. I have a fireplace I like to use occasionally, so I will also go ahead and get a good pile of firewood too. Once I finish ensuring my oil furnace and fireplace are ready to go, then it is on to everything else, such as my car.

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