Making things go away

There is nothing worse than when the heating system just won’t turn on. Every year, I run my gas furnace to that point; You would suppose that I would learn, nope, I literally kill my gas furnace once a year, and the reason is that I do absolutely nothing with it, i don’t change the gas furnace filter because I just plain forget. So all that dust plus dirt goes right into the heater. The heating system then works super difficult plus long hours since it is filled with grime. Eventually my gas furnace starts making some horrible noises, letting me guess that it is dying. That is where I do a little inside dusting plus hope it works. Nope, the gas furnace then whines plus pleads with me for a few more weeks. Then it eventually quits. Not having a gas furnace turn on entirely stinks. I have area heating systems in my broom closest handy for this. I then need to run them all day, everyday until I can get a heating and AC supplier over to do the upscale gas furnace repair. You would suppose that I would be on it with gas furnace service by now. I have suffered long bouts of cold with no heating. I have spent time, energy plus good effort to deduce the problem. Nothing seems to motivate me to keep up with heating service all year long! All I would need to do is get a gas furnace tune up early on plus manage to change the gas furnace filter once. If I did that, I would save myself a lot of time plus stress in the Winter.