Mamacita’s Cookies had me feeling a little too optimistic

My buddies and I are all a bunch of stoners.

We love to listen to classic rock music, reggae, and classic hip hop while we smoke cannabis or enjoy cannabis edibles.

The other day, we were really enjoying this new cannabis that we picked up from the cannabis dispensary. We were so high that we felt that nothing could ruin our buzz. Well, that was until the cooling system decided to break down on us. I actually felt optimistic more so than usual. I was telling everybody that we could just fix the HVAC system on our own instead of calling an HVAC company for help. One of my buddies said, “Naw man, we need tools for that kind of work.” I then said that we could just go to the store and pick up whatever tools we might need. My other friend said, “That’s too much work man, let’s just call the HVAC company.” When my last friend said that it was best to just call the HVAC company because we weren’t professionals, I realized that everybody was right. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I was feeling in a good mood and felt like I could take on any repair job, even repairing the HVAC system. When we called the HVAC company and had an HVAC technician come over, he smiled when he saw how stoned we were. He laughed and said he would have the cooling system working again in no time. When he was done, he asked about the strain of cannabis we were smoking, he said it smelled really good. We live in a legal state, so it’s not uncommon for people to ask things like that. We told him that it was a new strain called Mamacita’s Cookies, and he said he would have to look for that at the cannabis dispensary.

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