Many types of filters

You might know that all this time inside the Heating and Air Conditioning comfort of my apartment has gotten me to entirely consider the indoor air conditions inside my house. The pandemic has forced me to change the way I think when it comes to the quality of the air that I breathe. Prior to the pandemic, the only time I entirely considered the air quality was when all of us cooked fish the night prior and the odor somehow stayed with us. However, now that I am absolutely working full time from home, I am inside the Heating and Air Conditioning comfort of my home nearly all the time. The nice office with the custom Heating and Air Conditioning is really a thing of the past. So, I decided to do some checking about the indoor air conditions. I was stunned to find that the EPA lists terrible indoor air conditions as the eighth worst environmental hazard in our country. This told me that I wasn’t the only 1 not considering the indoor air conditions. However, I was also easily cheerful to learn that I could make a big time impact on our indoor air conditions with a simple move. For as long as I can remember, I have been using the paper air filters for the Heating and Air Conditioning. I have done this for no other reason than they were the cheaper alternative. However, come to find out those air filters are designed to only protect the Heating and Air Conditioning and not my respiratory system. Due to this, I upgraded our Heating and Air Conditioning air filter to a HEPA genre filter. These filters are able to trap and unattach over 99 percent of hazardous air contaminants. I’m so glad that I took the initiative to make our indoor air the best it can be.

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