Maybe I just need a tune-up

Although a geothermal heat pump is harshly upscale to purchase & install, it can save you a tons of money in energy costs.  The system operates a lot prefer a refrigerator. A refrigerator simply removes heat from the interior of the unit & transfers it out, into the bedroom.  The geothermal heat pump relies on the same principle, transferring heat from the ground to the home. It manages this through extensive loops of underground pipes, which are filled with a combination of water & an antifreeze solution.  The loops are then linked to a geothermal heat pump, which is installed inside the home, & provides both heating & cooling capability. When in heating mode, the liquid extracts heat from the ground & supplies it to the geothermal heating/cooling unit & then to refrigerant coils.  The heat is distributed through a forced air system & evenly spread throughout the house. During cooling mode, the operation is reversed to pull heat from the apartment & move it into the ground. This process is exceptionally safe, quiet, scrub & effective. The geothermal heat pump won’t overly dry the air during the winter, avoiding the need for a humidifier.  In the summer, the unit helps to combat excess humidity, allowing higher control unit settings & preventing issues with condensation, mold & mildew. A geothermal heat pump is far more energy efficient than conventional heating & cooling equipment. It doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create heat, but simply moves existing heat from a single place to another. Since the temperature underground holds steady at around fifty degrees Fahrenheit all year round, the geothermal heat pump takes advantage of this free energy source.