Maybe this thing will pay off

My partner travels day in and day out for work.

Last year he purchased a small pull-behind camper for himself to use as a mobile office and sleeping quarters for when he is on the road for weeks on end.

I was recently convinced to spend a weekend in the camper with him at a tiny RV park near the beach. When I say small, I mean this miniature camper is honestly not a 2 person camper. While it does have a proper queen sized bed, the residing and powder room areas are beyond miniscule. If he has his desk/table set up, 2 people cannot easily pass each other. The other afternoon I was thinking ahead to hurricane season, though. If you live near the coast, you have to watch out. The last major hit, both of us did have a small generator to run the indoor refrigerator and both of us had a gas hot water heater, so both of us were able to take hot showers each day. Our Gulf Coast section has taken numerous hits while both of us were still living there in our lifetime, so maybe I should rethink the camper. It is fully equipped with a propane generator, a stove, a refrigerator, a warm shower and an cooling system! How nice would it be to have amazing a/c and lights when power lines are down all around you for weeks, not to mention freezing beverages and hot food. While there definitely would still be lines to have the propane tanks refilled, both of us could theoretically have a/c. Hopefully I will not have to use it, however in case of disaster, it is great to think I could have a/c.