Me and my wife used to argue over the thermostat before zone control heating.

Me and my wife love each other quite a bit. we have not been married for long, and we have not had very many serious fights at all. I would like to think it is because we both have very agreeable temperaments, but I will admit that any healthy relationship is not without its conflict. You don’t have to be violent or rude about it, but you do need to speak up when something is seriously bothering you in a relationship. The silent treatment does not do anyone any good, and I am so relieved that my wife is vocal when she has something on her mind. They say it’s the trivial things that end up creating the biggest arguments, and to be honest, we’re no different from most people in that regard. I say that because we tend to fight over the thermostat more than anything when it comes to the household. She likes it ridiculously cold, as I see it, and I like it ridiculously warm, as she sees it. The arguments never get all that serious, but we do get ticked off. That is until we invested in zone-controlled HVAC. Zone control HVAC is simply when you can control the amount of heating or cooling for an individual room and adjust it to your liking. In this system, each room is capable of having its own thermostat and the heating or cooling coming through the vents is adjusted accordingly. Now we barely ever argue about the thermostat, except of course, when it comes to the bedroom!

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