Messing with my fitness

I am and have always been a very active person. Ever since I was a young teenager, I have workout one time a day, sometimes twice. When my wife and I moved into our new house last month, I was stoked to finally have my very own workout room to focus on getting stronger in. Unfortunately it hasn’t been going as smoothly as I had imagined in my head. The house came with radiant heated floors in all the rooms which is quite amazing. It has also been quite annoying at the same time. The radiant heated floors give off an immense amount of heat, so whenever I am doing push ups, ab crunches, or handstands my hands get super sweaty! All of the heat coming from the ground has me slipping around so much that I need to use my workout towel every ten seconds. I have brought in tons of box fans to try and cool it down in the rooms a little bit, but that is not working either. I am starting to get so frustrated with my situation that I might just have to get a gym membership in town. I don’t think that would be much better however. In there it is just as muggy, the a/c unit is crappy, and there are tons of dudes with too much body odor! I think that I am stuck between a rock in a hard place. Perhaps if I bring in a mini portable a/c unit into the room, that will help lower the overall power of the radiant heated floors when I am sweaty and working out. One thing is for sure, I have to figure out something!

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