Mildew is worse in winter – closed bathroom door

For the life of me I could not figure out what was going on with our upstairs bathroom these past few months. It seemed like out of nowhere we embarked on some massive battle with our home, where the house continually tried to aggregate mildew and mold, and we continually tried to destroy the crop. Every few days I was upstairs, scrubbing down the ceiling and walls from pesky dark spots. Not only were the fields of mildew ugly and distracting, but I had legitimate concerns over the health hazards of these little mounds. No matter how hard I tried to eradicate the bothersome mildew and mold, it grew back in double time with three times the aggression. I could not win against the prolific organism or determine what was sparking all this growth. Finally, yesterday morning I realized exactly what the problem was. It was a chilly winter morning, and the house was quite cold when I woke up. As I climbed into the shower, I reached back and closed the bathroom door to trap in the heat from the warm water. By the time I emerged from my steamy cleaning, the entire bathroom was coated in a layer of moisture. That’s when I realized that during the winter I tended to close the bathroom door, trapping in the heat from the furnace, but also all the airborne moisture. During the summer, on the other hand, I left the bathroom door open to facilitate better AC circulation, releasing humidity and preventing mold. All this time I was going crazy searching for the cause of our mildew growth, and the answer was ME all along!

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