Minimum use of furnace and a/c during spring and fall

In an attempt to save money, I started only using my heating and cooling systems when I really needed it.

During the blistering summers and the freezing winters is when I will activate my HVAC units, but I have officially decided during the warmer weather of spring and the chilly weather of fall, that I will keep both of my HVAC programs off. Springtime weather is highly regarded as the best season and best temperatures, so there is really no point in having the A/C on to begin with. Same thing goes for fall. While the weather is chilly, it’s not unbearable so I will be keeping my furnace off during the fall months. This method will not only save me a ton of money on energy bills, money that would otherwise have been wasted on heating and cooling my house when it doesn’t need it, but this method will also increase the life span of both my heating and cooling systems. Since both of them won’t be used as much, this will put less stress on them and they will last longer in the long run. Even still, I will go ahead and have them maintained by a professional HVAC specialist every year, just to be on the safe side. Even though it is unlikely for them to have issues, I don’t really want to take the chance and cause damage which would result in more expensive bills. I have also bought other basic things that will help with saving money like a programmable thermostat. This way I can control when the HVAC methods will turn on and off. Hopefully, if my plan goes well, I will save hundreds of dollars over the years.

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