Missing our old boiler system

When my husband Donald and I first moved into our home, we were bummed about the boiler system. The boiler was located in the basement. It was huge, rusty and ugly looking. It took half the space and did not look like it could heat at all. What was horrible is that the living room floor had a bunch of grates in it to allow the heat from the boiler to rise up. Donald and I thought it looked so classless. We wanted to patch the holes up, get rid of the boiler and get a classy gas fireplace. Since him and I were newlyweds, we could not afford a new heater system and a totally revamp of the house. After one Winter, him and I were thankful we left the house. That boiler in our home was the greatest heating system in the world. It was super powerful and could heat our entire house in under 10 minutes. On days where the temperatures are -20 degrees, the boiler did the job just as effectively. The multiple grates in the living room were hideous. So what Donald and I did was patch all but one. We left the largest great that was centrally located in our living room. We framed it with rugs and it did not look half bad. Him and I used to sit on that grate in the morning before work to get a little heating. After the boiler died, we did cover the great and get a gas fireplace. It is not even sort of the same. The fireplace is not as effective at all.