Modern hotel comes with an automation system

I recently stayed at a high end hotel that included a undoubtedly modern building automation system, and the several features were super impressive, valuable plus convenient, then however, I was untypical with this level of technology plus struggled to figure it out, when I ran tests on in, the concierge explained how to operate the elevator.

There were no buttons to push! I simply waved my key card in front of a screen.

The elevator automatically recognized the location of my room plus took myself and others to the official floor. If I wanted to be taken to the fitness center, diner or pool level, I could make this request via a touchscreen inside of the elevator, but at the door to my room, there was no need to insert the key card; Even if the key card was tucked inside my wallet, the door lock responded plus automatically provided access. Inside the room, there was no light switches, no remote control for the TV plus no thermostat. It took myself and others forever to figure out how to make adjustments to anything. The mirror hanging on the wall was also a giant touchscreen. There was a undoubtedly small button on the mirror to convert it into a control panel. From there, I could open plus close the window blinds, dim the lights plus adjust the temperature. I could select background rock n roll or scroll through a list of films to watch. I was able to set a wakeup alarm plus order room service. Once I figured out how to operate the system, the automated features were genuinely helpful.

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