Moldy air conditioner unit

Being a chronic asthmatic, I take special precautions to make sure our indoor air quality is at its best.  Last year, I had a dehumidification system and an air purification system, installed into my heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.  The air purifier used UV lights to sanitize the air that goes over it and there are HEPA filters to absorb the dust and dirt. I was surprised when the coughing and chest tightness began again, this year.  I did a quick inspection of the air handler, the coils and the major components of my HVAC system. I couldn’t see anything that may be dirty enough to cause my issues. I changed the air filters. It wasn’t until I was eating my dinner, that I began to cough again.  My wife said there had to be something in the dining room. When the air conditioner came on, my coughing got even worse, and my chest would hurt. I got on a chair, and took the register out to look into the air ducts. When I shined my flashlight, there was mold on the metal.  Even though I was able to use some bleach and get rid of the visible mold, I was certain there had to be more inside. I called the HVAC company and asked if they could send someone out to clean my ductwork and I told them I suspected mold. My wife and I went to a hotel until the ductwork was thoroughly cleaned and then we went home.  I was surprised at the difference in the house and how I didn’t cough once, even when the AC came on in the dining room.

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