Mom and dad had quite a time

My mom had a genuinely terrible month last week and she dragged dad into it, apparently.

She had a flat tire on her vehicle & when she & our dad were genuinely outside, just working on fixing it, they started to notice that there were lots of bees rapidly flying in & out of the rafters on the carport, however normally, I know at the point that normally wouldn’t be that sizable of a deal, however these were genuinely sizable bees & she said that there were so several of them that they couldn’t genuinely be ignored.

My sweet mom & dad tried to ignore the bees, however swiftly they fully realized that they weren’t just regular aged bees like honey bees or bumble bees like usual. These were giant bees & they were miserable. They could tell that the bees were mad at that point by the erratic way that they were flying around & the loud buzzing that they clearly were making. Anyway, instead of finishing the task of getting rid of the flat tire, our mom & dad carefully eased their way back into the house & closed the door very tightly behind them! Pretty soon, there were bees coming inside the house even then, accessing it through the ventilation system & the dryer vent! My mom definitely freaked out & started covering the vents & the windows with towels & anywhere else she could think of that bees could get in. before she could get everything covered up, she sadly got stung twice by these mean bbees! They were able to get the green extermination specialists on the cellphone at some point & they came out to get rid of the bees right away.

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