Mom deserves a new air conditioner

I’m so very glad to be back to town, mostly, I am cheerful to have our own autonomy back.

I am cheerful that I can jump into our car & go wherever I want.

And I am severely happy that I can adjust the indoor temperature controls to whatever preferences suit me, and you see, I just recently spent a full month staying at our mom’s house! For any adult who visits home, it’s quite an ordeal to be back living in your old family home. It seems care about taking a step back into time & losing all sense of adult responsibility. For me, that includes losing the ability to adjust the indoor air temperature. My Dad was a big stickler about her temperature control! She only runs her heating & cooling systems when the temp extremes of each seasons set in. She does not want to waste energy & therefore cash by powering the entire central heating or cooling method if it’s not ungodly sizzling or freezing out there! When I was going to see, it was 85 Degrees. Apparently, in her world, that isn’t quite sizzling enough to justify operating of the indoor A/C unit. The entire month when I was there it was uncomfortably sizzling & humid inside the house. She didn’t want to turn on the a/c & I didn’t want to rest around in crazy heat & humidity oh, so I figured there was but one solution to the problem. When she was at labor one morning I called up the local Heating & Air Conditioning company & ask them to upgrade her Central A/C unit that same morning. When she returned home, the two of us had fresh & cool flowing air from the very modern A/C unit. She couldn’t even complain about the change in her indoor temperature settings because I had given her the most energy-efficient a/c on the market.



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