Mom finds stable work in HVAC

My mom is at that age in life where she is looking for a job that will be her last job, but that’s not an easy thing with our economy in the precarious state it is. So many companies are shutting their doors, with others still in the phase of massive layoffs. The last thing she wants is to be laid off in a few years, when she’s gotten old enough that places don’t want to hire her just so she’ll shortly retire. My mother is an HR manager with over twenty years of experience, so thankfully she can work in any field really. She’s seen it all, from medical offices to factories in various states of safety, and even food production safety at a plastic plant. Fortunately, she called my just a few months ago that she found a job at a company that isn’t just stable, but its growing! She hasn’t been hired at  job where she has the opportunity to move up in a long time; she’s been fighting just to survive for so long it seems like a pipe dream. Naturally, I asked what the company was in the business of to be doing so well. She laughed and told me it fit where she was living now–HVAC equipment. My mom is now the HR manager for a heating and air conditioning supplier; they both run their own stores as well as have teams of heating and air conditioning contractors. Of course, heating and AC technology really is one of the few industries that is still thriving.

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