Mom loves her ductless mini split

My mother comes to our home about twice a week and she stays for the weekend.

Ever since dad passed away last year, she hasn’t had a very easy time. At one point, her mortgage company threatened foreclosure on her house. She missed payments while grief stricken over dad’s death. Our attorney was able to sort the matter out, but mom’s depression was still a big concern. I transformed our guest room into a home away from home away from home for her. I tried to convince her to move in with us, but she refused. Now I just encourage her to come as often as she likes, and stay for as long as she likes. I have only had one central air conditioning system in our house. We have a programmable thermostat with the basic digital controls. Unfortunately, our guest room catches the sun for the majority of the afternoon. This makes it warmer than any other place in our house. Since mom prefers the indoor temperature colder than we do, I have to turn the thermostat a lot lower than what I would if she wasn’t staying over. This isn’t cheap and I was beginning to see the effect it was having on our electric bill. I decided to buy a ductless mini split to put in her room. We have a separate HVAC plan for just that room. Having this separate air conditioner for my mother’s room means that she can control the temperature to her liking 24 hours a day whenever she is staying at our house.
Ductless multi split