Mom ran cold, dad ran hot

They say that opposites attract, and in general I don’t really find that to be true. I think that people who are very compatible might have a few small ways in which they differ, but the thought that your perfect match is someone utterly opposite of you is ridiculous. Overall, my mom and dad were a perfect pair, but there were a couple of things in which they were very different. For this reason each one had what they called a “neutral corner” a little escape room they could go to be by themselves for a while. Dad had the garage, and mom had a spare bedroom upstairs with a little heater in it. That was the thing about mom, she always ran cold, and if the heater wasn’t turned on she still needed it kept close, just in case. My dad, on the other hand, always seemed to be blistering hot, and if he got to pick he would blast the AC in the middle of winter. One of them was always hot, the other always cold, so it was good they had their neutral corners to meet those temperature control needs. Dad installed one of those fashioned box-style A/C units in the window of the garage, and he ran that thing every second he was out there. My mom spent a lot less time in her room, but it always stayed humid and warm due to her space heater. Every night they still slept in the same bed, without a heater or an air conditioner running, which I cannot explain.

heating and cooling