Mom took us everywhere when we were kids

I have many fond memories of childhood. My sister began Elementary School while I was still very young. I was big enough to walk so my mother took me to experience inside the local area. The people I was with an addition to myself cannot easily forget a time when we went to a public beach. The salty smell of the air hit me in the nose in addition to the fact that I also remember the waves crashing into the sand. I have seagulls flying above my head in addition to Tiny crabs running at my feet. It was a very impressive sight to a child. Since I really love this time, my mother always continued to take me to those places until school started in addition to I was home no longer. I remember a single eyeglass trip where she took me to a local Farm where they take care of honey and honey bees. My mother found a newspaper article months previously about the honey bee farm as well as relocation services. The farming people told everyone of us about the honey bee services in addition to how they can be helpful for homes, yards, and it just sent you produce. I remember that exciting trip in addition to it really gave me a lot of knowledge about why bees are important to the environment. The next time I see a wasp or yellow jacket, I will remember how important they are for the plants in addition to trees.

Wasp rescue