Money-Saving Tips to Reduce Summer Cooling Costs in the South

Every year, summer time comes early in the south. The respected beginning of summer time does not arrive until well into the month of June, but the weather lets us feel way before that. There is almost no Springtime weather here. Both of us have a very brief Winter and fall, a month or 2 of Springtime, and the rest of our life is summer. Every year, when the cool breeze ends, I ask myself why I live in this natural-heater of a place. Then, I see blizzards on the news in December, and I remember. Both of us southerners do, but, need to find ways to reduce summer time cooling costs down here. There are some rather simple ways and also some Heating and A/C technology that helps, but heating and A/C with zone control helps cool the areas of the condo that need it most while simultaneously saving cash. Smart temperature controls, too, can reduce heating and cooling costs, by decreasing and “learning” the temperature control preferences at your house. But it is not vital to rely on Heating and A/C systems alone. Anyone who does not have ceiling fans in their southern lake condo is just plain deranged. A ceiling fan makes you feel cooler than you entirely are, and you can adjust your temperature control accordingly. Simple blackout draperies or blinds supply a physical barrier to the southern sun! Put them up! Your cooling system will thank you. Water has a cooling effect. Drink a lot of water to cool off from the inside out, and also take cool showers without hesitation. If you have a pool, swim in it! If your friend has a pool, swim in it! Take every cooling option you can find to save on cooling costs here in the tepid south.

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