More comfort, more productivity?

Recently, the office management wanted to try something new with our office.

I knew their intentions were good, on the surface, but their goal was for more productivity. The end result was far less than they had anticipated. Someone had been an advocate for better and more comfortable working conditions. The premise was that if we had comfortable HVAC to work in and ergonomic seating, our productivity would go up substantially. In theory, this idea should have worked, but it was not thought out properly before the implementation began. They had soothing music, ergonomic resting chairs and the HVAC was set so there was perfect heating and air conditioning. Originally, the company allowed air conditioning and heating, quite sparingly. It was often too warm or too cold in the office. Now, they had done the exact opposite in the office. Our heating was pure seduction and the air conditioning was sublime. Instead of being more productive, I was caught napping, as was most of the employees. Between the chair, the music, and the HVAC, we were lulled into total comfort and ultimately we were lulled to sleep. There were a few people who did produce more work, but in all reality, the productivity dropped with the changed. We were fatigued from all of the comfort. In the attempts of the company trying to give us a work area of productive awareness, they gave us a work area that more of a napping area, like in a nursery. They got off the comfort kick quite quickly and went back to the old HVAC of before.

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